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(12/2017) Sungjin Cho received Ph.D. degree and was promoted to Senior Research at KADD.

(07/2017) Dr. Fumin Zhang is promoted to Full Professor.

(06/2017) Georgia Tech Miniature Autonomous Blimp (GT-MAB) is featured in IEEE Spectrum (see more).

(10/2016) Sungjin Cho and Dr. Fumin Zhang received the runner-up Best Student Paper Award at the 11th ACM International Conference on Underwater Networks and Systems, held October 24-26 in Shanghai, China. (see more)

(07/2016) Dongsik Chang received Ph.D. degree and became an senior engineer at Samsung Electronics.

(12/2015) "Lazy Santa" video that GTSR created for Chrstimas is featured in the list of 2015 Holiday videos in Youtube. (see more)

(09/2015) GTSR wins the third place at the IEEE Control Systems Society Video Clip Contest. (see more)

(11/2014) Dongsik Chang's paper was nominated for the Best Paper Award (finalist) at the 2014 International Symposium on Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems (DARS 2014). (see more)

(08/2014) Dr. Shayok Mukhopadhyay joins Departmet of EE at American University of Sharjah as Assistant Professor.

(06/2014) Members of Georgia Tech Systems Research (GTSR) presenting work at "Robots for Good" in Washington, D.C.(see more)

(05/2014) Wencen Wu was chosen for Georgia Tech Sigma Xi Ph.D. Thesis Award.(see more)

(12/2013) Congratulations to Drs. Wencen Wu, Klimka Szwaykowska, and Chuanfeng Wang for receiving the Ph.D. Deploma.

(11/2013) Klimka Szwaykowska received the National Research Concil Postdoctoral Fellowship.

(11/2013) Dr. Wencen Wu joined the Department of ECSE at RPI as an Assistant Professor.

(04/2013) Dr. Zhang was promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure.

(10/2012) Wencen Wu received the best student paper finalist award at the IFAC Necsys 2012.

(09/2012) Dr. Zhang received the Industrial Excellence Award from the Savannah Ocean Exchange.

(08/2012) Dr. Zhang received the Class 1969 Teaching Scholar Award from Georgia Tech.

(06/2012) LAMON hosted a workshop for K-12 school teachers, as supported by a Department of Education program.

(04/2012) Sean Maxon received the Senior Scholar Award from School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Tech.

(03/2012) Paul Varnell was selected by the Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program (NREIP) to collaborate with researchers in the Naval Research Lab (NRL).

(12/2011) Dongsik Chang, Klimka Szwaykowska, and Dr. Zhang featured in the Savannah Morning News as part of the project studying winter algae bloom in Long Bay, SC.

(12/2011) GTSR and Dr. Zhang are featured at the Front Page of Louisianna State University for the work of robotic oil spill survey.

(11/2011) Shayok Mukhopadhyay and Dr. Zhang received a patent pending on battery health monitoring.

(08/2011) Dongsik Chang, Klimka Szwaykowska, and Dr. Zhang collaborated with SKIO Scientists to study winter phytoplankton blooms.

(07/2011) GTSR performed a 21 day survey at the Grand Isle State Park, LA, finding reminicent crude oil.

(07/2011) GTSR received the 2011 Marty Klein MATE Mariner Award.

(06/2011) GTSR made to the final of the 4th AUVSI/ONR International RoboBoat Competition and placed 7th.

(05/2011) Dr. Zhang named as Distinguished Lecturer in Cyber Systems and Control by Zhejiang University.

(05/2011) Steven Bradshaw and Sean Maxon were awarded the SLIDER fellowhship from NSF funded education programs.

(05/2011) Jonghoek Kim received the Ph.D. degree and joined Korean Agency for Defense Development.

(04/2011) Dr. Zhang received the Outstanding Jounior Facalty Member Award from School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Tech.

(04/2011) GTSR veteran Brandon Groff, a SLIDER fellow, was admitted to the prestigious Havard MBA program after getting MS degree.

(09/2010) GTSR was funded by NSF to perform surveying tasks in oil poluted Lousianna Coast.

(06/2010) GTSR ASV Victoria made a maiden voyage in the 3rd AUVSI and ONR international Autonomous Surface Vehicle Competiton. It sets a conference record for speed and thrusts.

(05/2010) The GTSR team was in WJCL an WTGS evening news.

(05/2010) Dr. Zhang received the Lockheed Inspirational Young Faculty Award for his teaching and outreach activities.

(04/2010) Shayok Mukhpadhyay was part of a team that won the "People's Choice Award" in the 2010 Microsoft Imagine Cup.

(04/2010) Dr. Zhang received the ONR YIP Award.

(01/2010) Shayok Mukhpadhyay was selected as one of the 10 National finalists of Microsoft ImagineCup Competition.

(09/2009) Dr. Zhang received the NSF CAREER Award.

(06/2009) GTS ROV team supervised by Dr. Zhang and led by graduate student Justin Shapiro, undergraduate student Steve Bradshaw won Design Excellence Award in M.A.T.E. International ROV Competition.

(04/2009) Zhenwu Shi recognized as outstanding graduate teaching assistant by School of ECE.

(03/2009) Robotics team supported by RoToR won Savannah competition

(03/2009) Savannah robotics activity supported by RoToR is on ABC News

(11/2008) Dr. Zhang, Klimka Szwaykowska, and Justin featured in Savannah Morning News

(10/2008) Robotics Explorer Post Launched in Savannah Campus

(05/2008) Klimka Szwaykowska received the NSF graduate research fellowship